Be Notified

Receive alerts when the sensor opens or closes

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Smart Home Gadget

Compatible with some of the most high-end smart home services, such as Alexa and Google Home

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Why Buy InGoatie™ Sensor?

Use it for Any Purposes

Want to know when your boyfriend/girlfriend or daughter/son comes home. Want to bust your siblings entering your room. Want to check how many times the candy drawer opens per night or simply want to protect your house. Well, the InGoatie™ Sensor is the perfect device for you. Use it for any purposes.

Wherever You Are

Where ever you might be, the InGoatie™ Sensor will always let you know when it opens or closes.

Track Records

The app records, 24/7, the sensor’s activity. It syncs every entry with the exact time recorded and how long it lasted. If you’re worrying about not hearing the notifications, you can always check back on the app later.

Our Customers Love It

More than 300 happy customers are making good use of the InGoatie™ Sensor. They are using it as their third eye and it works. Let us know what you discover!